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Women in 2023  with  
Chris Benham 
Registered secondary and tertiary art teacher. Reg No 199700

Introductory Drawing,
Painting and Design Course

  • 1 (2 hour) lesson per week with a total of 20 hours to complete course.

  • 10 weeks of structured sequential learning experimenting with tools through guided practical exercises using paint and drawing mediums.

  • Learning how to apply the elements and principles of design to a working art piece.

  • Students will gain knowledge and confidence to produce art with their own signature style.

  • Private facebook group.

  • Group support and discussions and much more.............................


  • Maximum of 4 students per group to enable individual tuition throughout each session.

  • 4 time slots of 2hr duration will be allocated over 2 days each week. ( Choose 1 time slot only ). Some lessons may need to be completed at home. 

  • First session of the day         9.30 / 11.30 a.m.

  • Second session of the day  12.30 / 2.30 p.m.

  • Actual days of the week for lessons is to be decided.

  • Every effort will be made to fit into the school terms.

  • Total of 16 students in course.


  • Chris' art studio at Benyenda orchard.

  • List of materials will be given on enrolment.  This list will be kept to the absolute minimum. Any additional drawing and painting materials that may be beneficial throughout the lessons will be provided by Chris' own personal studio supplies. 

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