Fleetwood Farms

Fleetwood Farms is a family owned and operated citrus and cattle property situated on the Burnett River in Queensland. Farming has been in the family for many generations and our love of the land and what we do will see us  continue to regenerate our landscape and be sustainable well into the future. All of our citrus fruits are packed under the family owned partnership brand of Benyenda which can be viewed on the Variety page. 


Postal Address:  PO Box 4  Gayndah Qld  4625  Australia

Email:         chris@benyenda.com                    

Contacts :   

                     James Benham     0497262820

                     Amy  Benham       0400632133    

                     Lisa Benham         0409595162

                     Candice Benham  0407759600   

                     Chris Benham       0407759663