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Murcott mandarins
Welcome to Benyenda
Mandarin Trees

              Welcome to Benyenda

Benyenda Citrus  prides itself on providing a spectrum of citrus varieties to our customers throughout the harvest season. We grow lemons, grapefruit, limes, oranges and a large choice of mandarins.  With the export markets continually expanding for Australian growers, we have seized that opportunity to showcase some of our premium lines of mandarins overseas, while still having a presence on the domestic market with our easy peel mandies and other citrus varieties.

Benyenda Citrus  has been a family owned citrus orchard since its inception in the 1920's.   Walter Benham from South Australia recognized  the North Burnett region as one of the most suitable in Australia ( both for climate and soil quality ) for growing quality citrus. Also the position he chose utilized one of the longest and deepest basalt base water holes on the Burnett River guaranteeing there was always enough water for irrigation even in droughts. Expanding from there, two other citrus farms were  planted and developed over many years followed more recently by a fourth property which has joined the Benyenda brand. All farms are owned and operated by the Benham families. Each farm has its own character and personalities along with a diversity of interests. Please view each of these from the  menu above. Some of these pages are still in the developmental stages.

Our packing facility houses the latest technology in defect sorting equipment with computerised digital cameras sorting the range of qualities and sizes of fruit.  Complementing this are our well documented records enabling us to trace each piece of fruit back to the day it was hand picked.  This ensures the highest standard of food safety measures are in place.

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