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It was the year 1921 that Mr. Walter Benham began clearing the dense growth of prickly pear to establish the “Benyenda” Orchard. Before coming to Queensland, he spent many years propagating nursery stock, in addition to growing citrus fruit commercially in South Australia.  Such was his dedication to the citrus  industry that even at the age of 77 just after the war, Mr. Benham spent two months travelling  throughout California and Florida  comparing production ideas, yields and marketing practices.  His  knowledge of citrus growing, which he shared with fellow growers  was of considerable value to the emerging citrus industry in Queensland. Mr. Benham was not only a great orchardist, he was also a great student, and his years of painstaking research and experimentation associated with the Citrus Industry resulted in Mr. Benham being recognised as an outstanding authority on Citrus Culture. The media referred to him as the “Grand Old Man” of the Citrus Industry.  To this day, three of his varieties are still in production: the Benyenda Navel, the Benyenda Valencia  and the Yenben seedless lemon.

The history of Benyenda

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